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Friday, November 21, 2014

Police respond to reports of uncovered patio furniture

Police and fire crews descended on Tuxedo Avenue this morning in a dramatic scene after uncovered patio furniture was spotted in a residential backyard. 

Police Insp. Jim Watkins was tight-lipped at the scene when asked about the condition of the furniture, and the identity of the owners. 

"I can't say much, it's in the early stages of the investigation," he said. "But I can say there will be a full investigation, and there are charges pending."

Tuxedo resident Rita Fitzhenry said she didn't personally know the homeowners with the neglected patio furniture, but said they kept to themselves. "They seemed a decent couple, not the kind you'd expect to leave helpless furniture out in the cold like that," she said. "The neighbours were all aware it was happening, but no one said anything... I guess you could say it was our fault too."

The inspector did say it was the second call of this nature in the area in the past week, but was happy to report the first set of patio furniture was rescued and donated to a good home. "That furniture won't be left out in the cold again, that's for sure," he said. 

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