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Thursday, February 17, 2011

City vs. Country (Or, Concrete vs. Cornfield)

Now that I've experienced living in the 'city' (ie. anywhere south of Hwy. 7) and the 'country' (ie. anywhere north of Hwy. 7), I feel I have earned some authority (from myself) to offer observations on both.

Here is my unsolicited report on how I see the city and country (and how I think they see each other).

On people... 

The country: Everyone knows who the 'town crazy' is.

The city: No one knows who the official 'town crazy' is, but it's a daily competition.

The country: People will smile and say "hello" as they pass you on the sidewalk.

The city: If someone on the sidewalk makes eye contact, they may want something. Possibly your wallet.

On traffic... 

The country: Cars with smiling drivers will stop almost anywhere to let pedestrians cross 'major' roads.

The city: If you like danger and/or pain, go ahead and cross a major road when you're not at an intersection.

The country: Traffic jams are caused by slow-moving tractors.

The city: Traffic jams are caused by slow-moving tractor-trailers.

On nightlife...

The country: "Nightlife? You mean like them raccoons getting into my trash?"

The city: "Nightlife? What night? I don't remember it at all. What time is it?"

On dating... 

The country: Your mom knows a nice girl down the street you can date.

The city: Millions of people to talk to, but people go online to find a date (in the country).

On transit...

The country: A 'bus' is a luxury that comes only twice a week. People schedule their shopping trips around it.

The city: If transit stops running for 20 minutes, it makes national headlines.

The country: Good luck finding a taxi after 6 p.m.

The city: Good luck not getting run over by a taxi after 1 p.m.

On politics...  

The country: Residents complain after a bylaw is passed. 

The city: Residents complain before a law is passed, but it usually gets passed anyway. 

On gossip... 

The country: Don't go out for groceries without being prepared to talk to at least four people about the local 'news' of the day. 

The city: The local news of the day is available in 32 newspapers. 

The country: Everyone knows who Ms. Brown has slept with.

The city: Ms. Brown is sleeping with someone right now on the sidewalk. 

On development... 

The country: "We all want a new grocery store (to compete with the other one) as long as you don't build it anywhere near our homes or on precious farmland."

The city: "There's a spot over there that's still grass. Get it."

On farming...

The country: "Farmers Feed Cities". 

The city: "Cities Subsidize Farmers". 

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