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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Life tips for 2015

Problem: You feel uncomfortable in a room of strangers.

Likely cause: You care about what people think of you.

Solution: Care about that less.

Problem: You’re stressed.

Likely cause: You’re trying to live up to someone else’s expectations.

Solution: Live up to your own expectations.

Problem: You have no time for yourself.

Likely cause: You’re giving it away to everyone. 

Solution: Take it back.

Problem: Your food tastes bland.

Likely cause: It’s gluten or sugar or dairy or trans-fat free.

Solution: Eat what tastes good and makes you feel good.

Problem: You feel less than perfect.

Likely cause: You’re trying to be perfect.

Solution: Remember nothing is perfect.

Problem: Someone is doing something that annoys you.  

Likely cause: You’re paying too much attention to other people.

Solution: If it doesn’t affect you, take a deep breath.

Problem: Your home feels too cold.

Likely cause: Inadequate insulation or window seals.

Solution: Think how cold it would be on a park bench.

Problem: Your favourite pop star was spotted without makeup.

Likely cause: You are reading too many trashy online sites.

Solution: Help a worthwhile charity.

Problem: Your car is making weird noises.

Likely cause: You are driving too much.

Solution: Take a walk. Or turn up the radio.

Problem: You can’t stand someone’s point of view.

Likely cause: You are of a different faith.

Solution: I doubt your faith tells you to despise anyone.

Problem: You don’t like the way you look.

Likely cause: You’re comparing yourself to airbrushed models.

Solution: You’re beautiful. Find a new photographer.

Problem: You’re having trouble ‘finding yourself’.

Likely cause: You think you need to fall into a single personality category.

Solution: Love all of your personalities. They’re all you. 

Problem: Your bank account is lower than you want it to be.

Likely cause: We associate wealth with self-worth.

Solution: Can you afford to eat today? You’re fine.

Problem: You can’t seem to ‘dance like nobody’s watching’.

Likely cause: You don’t think your abilities are good enough to show off.

Solution: You got it all wrong. Dance like everyone’s watching.